Environmental Cinema

MonkeylandKZN is not open yet.  The sanctuary will only open in early 2019.

The environmental cinema is going to be very popular with locals, schools, and all the people who are concerned about the environment, its fauna and flora, and the impact humans have on planet earth.  Access to the cinema will be free of charge. Weekly show schedules will be published on the sanctuary Facebook page.

Some of the documentaries screened will be: Animals of AfricaAn inconvenient truth, Bloodlions, the secret life of primatesDavid Attenborough - Rise of Animals - DAWN of the MAMMALSthe 11th hour, blackfish, climate of doubt, the secret life of plants, the secret life of birds, save the environment, save paper to save forest, before the flood,  dont waste your waste, how plants communicate and thinksave the world from pollution (for children), What really happens to the plastic you throw away, plastic planet, How do i help the Earth? (for children), the 10 strangest plants on earth,  How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean, what is a primate, the world's smartes apes, MONKEY: animals for children (for children), amazingly intelligent monkeysthe lemurs of Madagascar, island of lemurs, David Attenborough's Rise of Animals: Triumph of the Vertebrates, King of the mountain baboons, Africa's gentle giants, Kingdom of plants, a lemurs tail, how smart is a lemur, wild Amazon, strange secrets in the Amazon rainforest, save forest (for children), earth, then and now, science video for kids: how to care for the environment (for children), animal partnerships, the world in 2050, inside the tanks, what plants talk about, 2050 - a documentary, dear future generations: sorry, capuchin monkeysBrilliant Apes : Documentary on the Similarities Between Human and Ape, clown of the jungle - the proboscis monkeys of Borneo, the nature of mothers, wild Japan - snow monkeys, swing through the trees with spider monkeys, squirrel monkey business, monkey kingdom, chimps vs red colubus monkeys, colobus monkey medicine, cute jumping indri lemurs, island of lemurs, howler monkeys, wonders of the rainforest, saving planet earth & stop climate change, the story of earth and life, and many more.

We will add the actual list of documentaries screened monthly to this webpage. Alternatively you can contact Lara for further info.