My time at Monkeyland-KZN was short and sweet but still left me with eye opening experiences and knowledge that changed my life for the better. Going into my stay at Monkeyland, I didn't really know what to expect and while it was tough at times, it also gave me the opportunity to learn on the go, throw myself into various different activities and meet people from all different cultures. The staff were friendly and always happy to answer my questions, no matter what they were and Paula really made the difference out of work hours. Whether it was Monopoly marathons in the evenings, three day safari adventures or talking me through my homesickness, she was always there and I definitely made a friend for life.

There were not many other volunteers there for the majority of my time at Monkeyland which was challenging but the short bursts of time that another volunteer joined me made the experience much more enjoyable.

If I were to give anyone advice before beginning their volunteering journey at Monkeyland, it would be to throw yourself into everything and do not hold back. Say yes to everything and take advantage of your time there because KZN truly is a beautiful place.

Megan Frater, Jan-March 2020, UK 


A while ago I was dreaming of traveling to South Africa. But I didn't want to just travel. I wanted to do something reasonable. Something which would fullfill me with joy and which I've never done before. So I was scrolling through the internet and found Monkeyland. I liked how they presented themselves and I thought I could give it a try. Within just a few days everything was organized and I was going to volunteer at Monkeyland-KZN. And I can tell you: volunteering at Monkeyland-KZN was one of the best experiences I've ever had! It's hard to name just some of the reason which made my stay so special... One reason was because of the whole team. They were all so friendly, happy, welcoming and never tired of answering my million questions... And working with such experienced people is a privilege. I learned a lot and I had so much fun working. Actually - it didn't felt like working. The hours just flew...

And then: Walking through the forest before or after opening hours. Still one of my favorite memories. Observing the monkeys within some distance but still being close as never before. Hear the forest whisper. The birds singing. Time stopped somehow and it was just magical.

Norina Müller, April 2019, Switzerland


Volunteering at Monkeyland-KZN was an amazing experience and highlight of my global travels. Getting to see these animals up close, but also in a way that isn't in captivity, is an incredible experience. Being able to see them displaying their normal, natural behaviours was such a wonderful experience, as was learning about how they came to be at the sanctuary, and how far they had come since being there.

As a volunteer, every aspect of this place is amazing - the animals, the staff, the housing, and the experiences are all fantastic and do not disappoint.

I cannot recommend Monkeyland-KZN enough. I learnt so much from my time there and I cannot wait until I am able to go back and visit.

Megan Starkie, November 2020, Australia